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WP 6

Space Invading

Curatorial Practice and
the Making of a Global Museum of Equality


Key Research Questions

WP 6 focuses on how gender and intersecting differences impact on women and post-colonial lives in the UK and South Africa in the organisational spaces of museums and galleries. Attention will be drawn to how impact occurs on everyday working practices and to the different methods deployed to exert changes in organisations.  We ask:

  1. How can we understand gender and intersectional differences within the museum and galleries sector of the UK and South Africa.

  2. Which collaborative transnational approaches can we foster and generate to build a virtual and physical Global Museum of Equality?

Work Package Objectives

  1. Survey the field of gender and racialised relations in Museums in the UK and South Africa, with a specific interest in leadership and change, generate a finely tuned understanding of the inter-weaving of organisational in/equalities and lend a comparative frame to understandings of museums.

  2. To build capacity within the sector for sharing and analysing experiences of gender and ‘race’ amongst professionals in the museums and galleries sector through academic facilitation and partnership.

  3. To collate creative curatorial practices of space invading in both the UK and South Africa. Gathering a collection of practices which speak to different methods in which gender and intersecting differences can be highlighted in institutions.

  4. To explore non-hierarchical collaborative methods for building transnational exhibitions on global equalities with attention to North-South, as well as South-South, inequalities within the research team.

  5. To produce a mobile and revolving physical and virtual resource for a Global Museum of Equality, with consideration to scale, audience and ethics.


Nirmal Puwar
Goldsmiths, University of London


Siobhan McGuirk

Goldsmiths, University of London

Rosemarie Buikema

Utrecht University

Catherine Hahn

Goldsmiths, University of London

For further information about WP 6, please contact Nirmal Puwar <> or Siobhan McGuirk <>

Key Outputs

  • Curation of GlobalGRACE launch exhibition (June 2018)

  • Development of methodologies for transnational curation

  • Design of the virtual Global Museum of Equality

  • Physical exhibition of Global Museum of Equality

  • Co-authored publications and dissemination

  • ECR contribution to NGO research methods toolkit 

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