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Participatory Photography, Filmmaking & Handicraft Workshop by WP2

GlobalGRACE Bangladesh has been arranging a series of weekly participatory photography / filmmaking / handicraft workshops with female construction workers living and working in Sylhet, Bangladesh since March 2019. The workshops generally take place on Fridays.

A photography, filmmaking & handicraft workshop was arranged on January 17th, 2020. During the workshop, the FCW participants were divided into six teams with two members each. They have taken various photographs and video clips with the assistance of the trainers. They are learning how to take photographs and videos using smartphones for the last nine months, so they are doing some amazing work. They are also taking participatory photographs and video of their houses and workplaces which will be used later in the exhibitions of GGB.

NGO partner of WP2, Nazmul Haque of IDEA, Sylhet was also present during the workshop took place. The participants have taken many photographs and video clips of him, as well as with him. Everyone enjoyed the workshop that day.

After the photography / filmmaking workshop was over, a workshop on Handicrafts using mud / clay took place. Two of our participants knew how to use mud/ clay to build beautiful handicrafts. Most of our participants knew how to make mud stoves. So they were not unfamiliar with working with mud / clay. They have made various miniature toys like: doll, stove, pot, bird, animal etc. We intend to continue workshop on Handicrafts using mud /clay at least one more week.

The set of participatory photography/ filmmaking/ handicraft workshops was enjoyable for the participants. They have learnt may new things, which will enable them in building power, agency, talents, and hopes.

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