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Para Volvernos A Encontrar - To Find Us Again

GlobalGRACE Mexico (WP5) have created the postcards below to share their awareness-raising work on human rights in migration. The material is distributed in schools, communities, organizations. We encourage you to print and colour by hand!

English translation: Legend has it that postcards united people across borders, on small pieces of paper many stories fit, all of them full of emotions, nostalgia, memories and longings. They are sent through the post, hoping that distant times and geographies intersect at some point and make us feel close to all those people who matter to us.

In times of virtuality we like to continue believing that we can be together, that the paper and its handwritten letters bring us closer to stealing beautiful sighs. Today as in other times we need to build bridges, cross the borders of hatred, racism and shame to know ourselves as a community of the world, stretch our arms and loving glances in the waters of the Mediterranean seas, in the immigration offices when getting off of an airplane, in the trains that pass in front of our feet, in the trucks that travel highways from south to north, in the steel and concrete walls that divide territories

We invite you to fill these postcards with colors, with traveling words that go far to close hearts, and that allow us to keep alive the memory of the struggle and rebellion for a just and dignified world. That we remember that the encounter is always a possibility, that we show that life is made of movement, that no human being is illegal, that migrating is a human right and that hopes have no borders.

English translation: El Museo Migrante is a political and educational initiative to keep alive the memory of the migrations of these lands of the Mexican southeast, and at the same time that of other human mobilities that are an expression of the will, of wanting to flee death and contempt, of wanting to survive, to dream of a better life; and all of these are also paths of struggle and resistance. It is a living and itinerant museum that is nourished by the dialogue of the peoples here and there, which seeks to dignify migrant stories as a symbol of the demand for rights, the search to care for life and the construction of hope.

With passion and affection from these dignified lands, Mesoamerican Voices, Acción con Pueblos Migrantes, AC, within the framework of the project "For Good Living and Good Migration: Creating Cultures of Equality through the Migrant Museum (MuMi) in indigenous communities of Chiapas, Mexico" with the Research Fund for Global Challenges, Global Gender and Cultures of Equality, United Kingdom, Global GRACE carried out in coordination with the Audiovisual Research Laboratory (LIA) of the Autonomous University of Chiapas (UNACH).

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