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Nityo Sokha - An Effort by Marginalized Women

GlobalGRACE Bangladesh (WP2) has been organizing several workshops on self-identified skills (by the participants) with several female construction workers, female entrepreneurs and female household help living and working in Sylhet, Bangladesh. During the workshops, the participants have identified their self-taught skills in cooking, food processing, knitting etc. Those who are an expert on something have been trying to teach and give tips to their fellow participants. In the process of oing all these, the idea of creating a cooperative online business platform for the marginalized female participants came into sight.

Eventually, GlobalGRACE Bangladesh has created a Facebook page namely, Nityo Sokha (Everyday Companion). Through this page, the participants are offering several products and services to the customers. Moreover, this is a unique opening for them to work as the ‘delivery women’, as our participants are also delivering their products at the doorsteps of the customers.

It will work as a cooperative venture, where the marginalized women participants are the owners. GlobalGRACE Bangladesh team plans to supervise the venture till December 2021. After that, one of the team members, Pushpa would supervise them for another six months. Eventually, we hope that the marginalized women participants would learn the online business and run Nityo Sokha and/ or open their own business.


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