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New Publication: Methodologies and International Relations: Contemporaneous Debates

The IRI / PUC-Rio Methodology Lab has just published the third book in the series "METHODOLOGIES AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: CONTEMPORANEOUS DEBATES" organized by the professor Isabel Rocha de Siqueira and by doctor Ana Carolina Costa Lacerda.

The book and series emerged as the product of some activities organized by the Lab and the proposal for each edition is to bring together contributions from different areas -international relations, political science, public policy, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, letters and others - to offer I'm calling for greater transdisciplinarity. In each chapter, the authors offer their own perspective, a particular institutional and theoretical history and a specific experience in the approach. Each chapter also brings tips on how to proceed to put each approach into practice.

The books contain contributions from Douglas Roberto Knupp Sanque and Rodrigo Borba (UFRJ), Phoebe Kisubi Mbasalaki and Sara Matchett (University of Cape Town, South Africa), Marcelle Decothé (UFF), Maria Helena Zamora (PUC-Rio), Gabriel Fernandes Caetano (PUC-Rio) and Nycolas Candido da Silva Lau (PUC-Rio). We also thank CAPES, in the form of the PRINT 2377/2018 project, for their support in financing this volume.

More info and access to the free e-book here.


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