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Launching the Female Construction Workers' Manifesto

GlobalGRACE Bangladesh (WP2) has arranged a photography exhibition named “Launching the Manifesto: Female Construction Workers Laying the Foundations for Equality and Justice in Bangladesh” at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), Sylhet campus in February 13-15, 2020.

During the exhibition, the manifesto built by our participants (female construction workers) was launched. Honorable Vice-Chancellor and Treasurer of SUST inaugurated the exhibition. We have invited various NGOs, academics, student groups and individuals with interest in the life of female construction workers.

The exhibition comprised of the following components: 14 manifestos from the participants, 14 visual images go alongside with the manifestos. In the corner of the exhibition space, we had constructed a lab corner with a small table and few stools. Visitors were provided with the printed copies of manifesto and were invited to respond to the exhibition by contributing to the manifesto, to add their manifesto alongside with the participants. A short film of 3 min long produced by female construction workers in collaboration with trainers of GlobalGRACE Bangladesh was projected throughout the exhibition timeline in the exhibition premise.

The exhibition had a huge public gathering. The visitors were very much interested in the life of female construction workers and contributed to the manifesto, by adding their manifesto alongside with the participants.

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