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GlobalGRACE Bangladesh Photo Exhibition and Meet & Greet with Women 2021

GlobalGRACE (WP2) Bangladesh team has created an online platform for women from all professions. The platform is a women-only Facebook group, namely, Protity – Women in Creation, Joy, and In Feeling. The member women can share their written stories, poems, essays etc., their cooking recipes, and all the bittersweet stories of their life here. The women entrepreneurs can promote their businesses in that group. The idea of this group is to become a safe place for all the member women to share everything they always wanted to share with their near and dear ones, but couldn’t always share! The women will stand by each other in creation, in joy, in feeling, to share each other's joys and sorrows - that is the purpose of this group.

The Bangladesh team also organized a photo exhibition and Meet & Greet with the members of the group on 26th June 2021 in the IDEA office in Sylhet, Bangladesh. It was a day-long event. The event started with the WP2 lead welcoming the guests and sharing the goal of GlobalGRACE Bangladesh in creating the platform, about the works of Nityo Sokha (online business platform of WP2 for marginalized women), and about the project. After the welcome speech, the guests introduced themselves to the other women. They then witnessed the photo exhibition curated with all the photographs of various events and works done by WP2.

The group also celebrated the creation of their platform by cutting a cake, made by the marginalized women participants of WP2. The refreshment food and beverages for the event was also made by the marginalized women with the assistance of the WP2 team. The guests enjoyed the food and appreciated the efforts of the participants. The guests of the event were gifted with WP2 project dissemination materials and with indoor tree plants, which was sourced from one of the women entrepreneur guests.

The event ended with a happy note and with the aspiration to grow the platform together by the WP2 team along with all the women members.


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