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WP 4

Making Life Lovable

Digital and literary productions of
cultures of equality among LGBTQ young people in the Philippines

Image from Lee Paje's installation, "Pagpamulak" (To Blossom), part of the Lawas Public Art Projects, University of the Philippines, Diliman, 2018

Image Credit: Nathaniel Salang


Key Research Questions

WP 4 uses creative writing workshops to engage with LGBTQ identified writers and young people in the Philippines and explore their subjectivities and the intersecting forms of inequality they experience.  We ask:


  1. How might creative writing enable LGBTQ people to talk about and transfigure their subjective experiences of the world?

  2. What does/ might equality and well-being look and feel like to LGBTQ people in the Philippines?

  3. When and where do LGBTQ people feel dis/empowered? How does ethnicity, disability/illness, age and religion affect these feelings?

  4. How can creative writing enable new ways of talking about and pressing for rights and recognition?

Work Package Objectives

  1. To build research capacity and capabilities of interdisciplinary, feminist and queer researchers.

  2. To create new collaborative partnerships between academics, NGOs, writers, educators and the public in the Philippines with regards to LGBTQ rights and well-being.

  3. To create a research space wherein LGBTQ people feel safe and enabled to narrate and convey their varied experiences of intersecting inequalities and resultant impacts on their wellbeing.

  4. To use creative writing and spoken word to elicit the relationships between LGBTQ people’s everyday lives, intersecting inequalities and existing practices and strategies that challenge such inequalities.

  5. To build pathways to impact and enable the sharing of creative and critical cultural competencies focused especially on literary production of cultures of equality within and across GG work packages.


J Neil C. Garcia
University of the Philippines, Diliman

Jaya Jacobo

University of the Philippines, Diliman

Kate Ramil & Kristy Sumague

YMCA San Pablo

Mark Johnson

Goldsmiths, University of London

For further information about WP 4, please contact Prof J Neil C Garcia <> or Mark Johnson <>

Key Outputs

  • Production of a digital archive of LGBTQ texts in English and Pilipino

  • Documentation and recording of workshops, publicly available in an edited form

  • End of project workshop for educators focused on ways to integrate gender and sexuality sensitivity training within the creative writing curriculums

  • Contribution to Global Museum of Equality & the GlobalGRACE online course

  • ECR contribution to NGO research methods toolkit

  • Sole and co-authored academic publications

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