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WP 3

Decolonizing Knowledge and Doing Masculinity ‘Otherwise’

Street art, dance and the production of cultures of equality in a Brazilian favela

... the Pain and not always the pleasure of knowing or not knowing who one is... who we are in a society masked by the myth of racial democracy.... – From “Dororidade” by Vilma Piedade

Image Title: Bate Bola


Key Research Questions

WP 3 focuses on the production of non-violent masculinities in Brazil’s urban peripheries.  It aims to promote cultures of equality through the decolonization of knowledge that challenges representations of the favela as a space of lack and violence and demonstrates the power and potentiality of the favela to create gender positive futures.  We ask:

  1. What does a decolonised praxis of gender equality look, sound and feel like in Rio’s favelas?

  2. How do the residents of a favela react to violence, and what are the consequences for their wellbeing?

  3. How do artistic and creative practices in the favela construct non-violent masculinities?

  4. How might the co-curation of artistic events produce decolonial knowledges of equality and wellbeing. 

Work Package Objectives

  1. To build research capacity and capabilities of researchers in the package by learning from producers of knowledge regarding non-violent masculinities from Brazil’s urban peripheries.

  2. To create new collaborative partnerships between academics, NGOs, and the public in Brazil with regards to masculinity, violence, gendered (in)equalities and wellbeing.

  3. To create a research space wherein people marginalised by gender, race, sexuality, and class feel safe and enabled to explore their varied experiences of intersecting inequalities and their impacts on wellbeing.

  4. To learn from and extend critically modes of research and knowledge production outside traditional academic realms, most specifically street art, dance and music as generators of knowledge to promote well-being, equality and transformation of existing power relations.

  5. To build pathways to impact and enable the sharing of creative and critical cultural competencies with and between artists, activists and academics.


Marta Regina Fernández y Garcia Moreno
Pontifical Catholic University

Andrea Gill

Pontifical Catholic University

Tatiana Moura

Instituto Promundo

Isabela Souza

Instituto Maria e João Aleixo

Jimmy Turner

Goldsmiths, University of London

Douglas Viana

Instituto Maria e João Aleixo

For further information about WP3, please contact Prof Marta Fernández <> or Jimmy Turner <>

To visit the GlobalGRACE Brasil WP3

Youtube page click here.

Key Outputs

  • Production of interactive map of arts based organisations and stakeholders in Maré

  • Participatory workshops on artistic methods and gender transformation

  • Public performances and interventions and production of ‘Favela Otherwise Situation’

  • Short documentary video and photographic exhibitions

  • A bilingual Portuguese-English report for non-academic audiences

  • Academic publications (English and Portuguese) co-authored by WP researchers

  • Contribution to the Global Museum of Equalities  and online course

  • ECR contribution to NGO research methods toolkit

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