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In early May 2019 the GlobalGRACE project held its second annual Partnership and Capability Event in Rio de Janeiro.


Over an intensive first three days we shared our experiences, challenges, and future plans in a variety of workshop and discussion sessions. New collaborative paths opened up and problems were collectively addressed as we found, once again, how much value there is in being together physically.


In the second half of the event we engaged with the city of Rio de Janeiro as we held a series of workshops and debates with artists, researchers, and activists working from peripheral perspectives and locations. Through artistic workshops we were guided through representing our research sites and concepts in artistic media: from methods of mural production with Mexican artist Libre, to conceptual mapping with the Argentine activist Pablo Ares, and finishing with a collaborative collage workshop with the Afro-Brazilian women’s collective Mulheres de Pedra.

GlobalGRACE 2nd Annual Partnership and Capability Event

02 - 10 May 2019

9:30am - 8pm

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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