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Global Gender and Cultures of Equality

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We investigate the variety of ways that equalities are made and contested in different parts of the world and how people’s creative practices challenge inequality and engender new possibilities for more equitable ways of living together. 

We employ arts based practices and multi-sensory research to investigate the  production of cultures of equality and enable gender positive approaches to well-being internationally. 

Led by a team of researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London, GlobalGRACE brings together academic and non-academic partners from Bangladesh, Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, South Africa, and the UK, as well as consultants from Europe and the USA, to work collaboratively on six interlinked research work packages.


GlobalGRACE is working with partners to highlight just a few examples of this equality work worldwide. Attending to, learning from and sharing about the productions of cultures of equality globally is central to creating sustainable futures for us all.

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